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Beyond Expectations

In a word, Above & Beyond Window Cleaning was born out of frustration. Having started window cleaning in Southeast Missouri in 1994, one cannot imagine the amount of times that we gained new customers because someone had called another window cleaning company, and they didn't even show up to give an estimate.

Whether it's a window cleaner, a plumber, or the cable company, it doesn't matter. You, as a customer, don't deserve to be treated that way. At Above & Beyond, we believe your time is extremely valuable, and even more so because you are paying for a service. We also believe that first, the contractor should always be on time, and second, that the quality of work should be above and beyond your expectations!

A New Standard

The quality of the workmanship you are paying for should be impeccable. Your window cleaner should value your standards as much as you do! With Above and Beyond, it isn't just about the cleaning, it's about leaving your view of the outside world as pristine as possible. That's why we take our work so seriously! As a customer paying for window cleaning, you should not have to tolerate drippy or streaky windows. Windows that were skipped due to laziness of the cleaner not wanting to raise a blind or move a table. Window sills not wiped down or vacuumed to free them of debris. Screens that haven't been wiped down to remove dust or algae on the frame. You may have a damaged window that you may not realize is damaged, or in a condition that could cause your home problems in the future. It is the responsibility of your window cleaner to notify you of this. All of these things combined constitute an amazing window cleaner. One that is willing to go Above & Beyond.


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